helical drilling

Meet the new Helical brand – built from the ground up.

At Helical Drilling, we pride ourselves on designing and building innovative solutions for complex geotechnical problems. And today, we’re proud to announce our latest design/build success: our new and improved brand and website.

But we’re not just showing off a new logo; we’re launching the new Helical brand—our singular vision that looks forward through innovation but builds on decades of successful geotechnical design/build experience. We plan to continue to expand the broad range of services that we offer, including ground improvement solutions developed through our strategic partnership with the Geopier Foundation Company®.

the new helical brand

It’s an exciting day here at Helical and we hope you’ll share in this moment by taking the time to look through our website to see how our customized design/build solutions have solved even the most complex geotechnical challenges.

We look forward to you being a part of our new site, new brand and new innovations in geotechnical construction.