Christian Littlefield

Christian Littlefield is the Vice President and co-owner of Helical Drilling. After joining the company in 2001 as Field Superintendent, he currently manages field operations along with the company’s equipment and maintenance facility. Christian also leads all research and development initiatives.

Chad Graybill

Chad Graybill is the President and co-owner of Helical Drilling. He oversees all business operations including strategic planning, administrative, field and financial operations and continues to maintain strong communication with clients. Chad earned his MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine.

Rimas Veitas, P.E.

Rimas Veitas, P.E. is the founder and CEO of Helical Drilling. Since 1989 he continues to provide leadership that has differentiated the company as a ground improvement leader and innovator in the Northeast. He works closely with Geopier Foundation Company and industry leaders to develop cutting edge ground improvement and geotechnical construction technologies. Rimas earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and participated in post graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.