Ben Cote, P.E. Joins Geopier Foundation Company As New Region Engineer For The Northeast

Helical Drilling announces that after 15 years and over 400 projects as Geopier Foundation Company’s Region Engineer, Jim Wheeler, P.E., is retiring. Jim had an immense impact on the ground improvement industry in the Northeast. Beginning with the original “drill and fill” Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Pier® technology, he led the charge together with Geopier-element installer Helical Drilling to deliver cost-effective and expertly engineered ground improvement solutions to the Northeast and forever changed the way consultants, designers and constructors approach the difficult and unique subsurface conditions in this region.

Benjamin Cote, P.E. has stepped In as Geopier’s new Region Engineer. Ben brings over eight years of geotechnical experience to the market and will be stepping in to fill Jim’s role for assisting with Geopier ground improvement projects throughout the Northeast. Ben completed his BS in Civil Engineering from University of Connecticut and his MS in Geotechnical Engineering at North Carolina State University. Ben can be reached at

For any Geopier ground improvement needs, please continue to reach out to Helical’s project managers: Derek Simpson, P.E. (, and Jacob Faxon, EIT (