Geotechnical Design/Build Services (Beyond Helical Piles and Ground Improvement!)

HELICAL is perhaps most well-known for designing and building Helical Pile and Geopier® Ground Improvement systems. We also offer a comprehensive range of additional geotechnical design/build solutions to cater to the needs of owners, developers, and general contractors, including multiple Deep Foundation (Pile) systems, Earth Retention systems, and Grouting/Underpinning services.

Deep Foundations (Piles) – Piles transfer structural loads through unsuitable soils and down to a proper “deep” bearing stratum via end-bearing or frictional side resistance. Many of our pile systems have little to no vibrations, making them ideal for new construction projects near existing structures. Visit here for more info on our deep foundation systems including Drilled Micropiles, Helical Piles, Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs), and Displacement Piles.

Low-Vibration Ductile Iron Piles

Earth Retention – Earth retention systems retain or stabilize soils in order to provide safe access for other construction activities. The primary drivers in selecting an appropriate earth retention system include soil conditions, retained soil height, access, and sensitivity of nearby structures. Some of our earth retention systems can be installed with little to no vibrations and are well suited for building additions or installation near existing structures. Visit here for more info on our earth retention systems including Secant Pile Walls, Soldier Pile and Lagging Walls, Sheet Pile Walls, Tiebacks, and Soil Nailing.

Secant Pile Wall Earth Retention

Grouting and Underpinning – Our grouting and underpinning systems are designed to tackle a wide range of geotechnical challenges. These services can help  address ongoing settlement issues, safeguard against adjacent excavations, and even accommodate additional loads on existing foundations. Visit here for more on our grouting systems and here for more info on our underpinning systems.

Compaction Grout Column Underpinning