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Case Studies:

Check out our recent project summaries describing successful projects here.

Working Platforms:

A Working Platform (WP) is the subgrade from which site construction activities are completed. Proper design and construction of WPs are essential for safe, productive working conditions. This is especially important in the Northeast where challenging soil conditions combined with long-stretches of wet weather or freeze/thaw cycles can suddenly create unstable (and potentially unsafe) conditions. We developed some abbreviated guidelines to help raise awareness and perhaps help navigate this important safety matter. Please refer to the links below to view our three-part series:


Each month, we refresh our website with our latest HELICAL News Brief, which includes insight on the latest-and-greatest in our geotechnical design-build world. You can view all of our HELICAL News Briefs here.


We have multiple videos highlighting our services. One of our more recent videos highlights Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC). This service enhances unsuitable soils in-place, resulting in an improved subgrade capable of supporting traditional shallow footings, slabs-on-grade, pavements, or other features that require a stable soil subgrade.