Mid-Year Review

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2022! In case you missed them, below is a recap of the first five months of our HELICAL News Briefs.

1) Looking Forward to 2022 / Working Platforms

As we look forward to 2022 we are mindful of an important lesson from the last couple of years… be ready to adapt and persevere! Whether it’s how we communicate or how we design and build a project, adapting to our rapidly changing world is essential to thriving. We also want to take the opportunity to highlight an important safety issue within our industry…Working Platforms. Read more.

2) Secant Pile Walls

Secant Pile Walls are formed by constructing overlapping reinforced concrete piles that create a continuous earth support wall.  They can be installed in a broad range of soil conditions with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, minimal disturbance, and the ability to achieve tight tolerances at very close proximity to adjacent structures….Read more.

3) Geotechnical Design-Build Applications for Renovating/Repositioning Existing Buildings

Renovating or “Repositioning” tired existing buildings into vibrant, usable properties appears to be happening at lightning speed! These types of projects will continue to thrive as our world adapts to new ways of living and working. So WHY are geotechnical design/build technologies sometimes necessary for these projects?…..Read more.

4) Supporting Structures on Mixed Foundation Systems

Common local practice is to support structures on one foundation system. An example would be deep piles to support a pile cap and grade beam substructure. However, some sites have relatively drastic changes in subsurface soil conditions across a proposed building footprint. Or there could be other factors, such as access limitations, that make a mixed foundation scheme an attractive solution…..Read more.

5) Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is an engineered earth retention method that utilizes an array of grouted tensile elements (“soil nails”) and is typically combined with a well-drained wire mesh and shotcrete facing to create a stable reinforced soil mass…..Read more.