One Company, Diverse Solutions

We’ve established Helical Drilling as one company with a multitude of geotechnical design-build solutions. Comprised of geotechnical engineers, construction managers and field crews under one roof, we are the premier turn-key firm for all of your ground construction needs.


8-Story Mixed Use, Somerville, MA (Ductile Iron Piles)

Construction consisted of a new 8-story mixed use development in the Assembly Square District. Fill zones were highly variable with some areas featuring 15-ft sections of steel and concrete being removed.  After about two weeks for completion of Sonic predrilling, a total of 61 Ductile Iron Piles were installed in only 5 working days – averaging over 800 feet per day.  In comparison with a micropile option, the hybrid solution saved the project team between 2 and 3 months on the schedule and over $800,000.


Portland Area Super Market, Portland, ME (Rigid Inclusions)

The project included the construction of a supermarket to serve as the anchor amenity of a 2 million-square feet mixed-use development. HELICAL and Geopier Foundation Company designed a rigid inclusion ground improvement solution consisting of a network of GeoConcrete® Column (GCC) Rigid Inclusions that extended through the unsuitable fill and soft/sensitive clay layer. GCCs were up to 70 feet long. The design included finite element modeling of the GCC system to help ensure proper support of the grade-raise fill and slab-on-grade.


170 West Broadway Residential, Boston, MA (Secant Pile Earth Retention)


The 170 West Broadway Residential Project was situated on a 16,800 SF lot in South Boston. The design team elected to use a secant pile excavation support system that addressed the subsurface and zero-lot-line challenges, and also served as the permanent structural basement foundation wall system.


Peterborough St. Apartments, Boston, MA (Ductile Iron Piles)

Redevelopment on Peterborough Street in the Fenway Park District of Boston included construction of a 5-story apartment building immediately adjacent to existing 3- to 4-story residences. Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs) were selected as a more cost-effective and faster alternative to H-piles and traditional drilled micropiles. DIPs offered a great low-vibration solution on this constrained access site.