Getting Dirty – HELICAL Crews in Action!

Helical Pile Installation and Boardwalk Construction

Worcester, MA

This boardwalk project for the City of Worcester involved installing helical piles and constructing a boardwalk along a pond and through associated wetland areas. HELICAL designed/installed 206 helical piles and approximately 200 LF of boardwalk. The work was completed on schedule and did not impact the sensitive wetland areas.

Secant Pile Excavation Support and Basement Wall Construction

South Boston, MA

This multi-family residential project in South Boston is the tightest site to date where we designed and built a secant pile wall.  The building footprint was only 3,000 square feet and had zero-lot-line conditions. We installed secant piles to form a continuous wall, which was used as the temporary earth support and the permanent basement foundation wall for the proposed building.  The depth of the cut was 15 feet from surrounding grade.  The secant piles were installed as close as 6 to 12 inches from the existing adjacent buildings, allowing the Owner to maximize their proposed basement footprint.

Soil Nail Installation and Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

Peabody, MA

This project involved repairing a substantial portion of an existing 25-foot-tall segmental block retaining wall. The blocks had reached the end of their service life and were deteriorating. The wall retained an active retail parking area above it, so the Owner required a permanent solution that would not interrupt day-to-day parking access. HELICAL worked directly for the Owner and designed/installed a network of soil nails (with permanent shotcrete facing) to stabilize the wall. A total of 106 soil nails were installed to stabilize approximately 3,000 SF of wall. The work was completed on schedule and did not interrupt use of the parking area above. Some additional project challenges included coordinating nail locations around existing utilities behind the wall and working through existing wetlands in front of the wall.