Helical is revolutionizing the ground improvement and geotechnical construction
industry for our customers with superior standards and technology.


The Helical Difference

For almost 30 years, we’ve established Helical Drilling Inc. as one company with a multitude of geotechnical design-build solutions. Comprised of geotechnical engineers, construction managers, and field crews under one roof, we are the premier turnkey firm for all of your ground construction needs. By maintaining focus on the big picture and looking at all stages of site development from feasibility through construction, we can customize and execute innovative and proven geotechnical solutions. Our solutions result in stable ground, sound structures, satisfied customers, and success across each of the following focal points:

Helical Drilling ground improvement engineering expertise
Our team of in-house geotechnical engineers and construction managers work together to analyze the most challenging ground conditions, then customize and execute innovative solutions that ensure superior performance and ultimately, project success. No two sites are identical, so no solution is identical, which is why our team specializes in bringing unparalleled thinking and construction savvy to each and every job.

Helical Drilling ground improvement cost-effectiveness We understand not only what it takes to keep costs down, but to reduce time and risk in the process through our unconventional thinking and proven techniques. By combining our efficiencies with our expertise, you maintain your timeline, budget, and most of all, your vision for the project. If you have a geotechnical challenge that needs solving with unparalleled engineering, unconventional innovation and undeniable solutions, contact Helical today.

helical piles, Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) ground improvement and Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs)
We have been introducing new geotechnical design-build technologies to the northeast for decades, including helical piles, Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) ground improvement and Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs). Today, we continue to expand our broad range of ground construction solutions and reputation for high-quality service. From addressing unsuitable soil conditions with ground improvement or piles to stabilizing sinking structures with grouting technologies, Helical has many ground construction techniques to address your geotechnical challenges. We have the team, know-how, and local experience to deliver geotechnical solutions to your project.

helical drilling customer satisfaction
Knowing that the ground level is often the starting point for a project, we rely on our turnkey service and streamlined process to get your project underway quickly, while keeping it moving through completion. We make your satisfaction our top priority.

Our Philosophy

We make progress possible. Our unconventional design-build solutions to geotechnical challenges allow you to build with complete confidence, even in the most difficult ground conditions.

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Featured Projects

We’ve spent years innovating ground improvement and deep foundation techniques to offer unique solutions for an array of challenging projects. View some of our featured projects below: